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seQuro - The Brand

The Brand seQuro was inspired and in memory of Mr. Samuel Santana Seguro, a kind and most loving person whose motto still ego in our heart, to him of what he said is the guidance to we youngsters of what it is to become a real man.

Simple, Reliable, Embrace.

Be simple as a person, don't be contemplating things, stay simple to yourself and to others. Having a simple life doesn't mean given up on archiving greatness, it's  about being on the top of your game and at the same time being truly happy.


What is a person everybody trusts? A reliable person. In real life, you are and can be the excellence in any circumstances, any job, any role in life, if you are a reliable person. You get things done, people can count on you, you keep your words and promises.


Embrace people with your love when you can and while you can. Share your happiness, show that you care, help the ones you can and love the ones you love. Family, friends, fellow human beings, the animals, planet earth, embrace them all. Embrace, in returned you will be embraced.   


In seQuro, we would like to bring people simple and reliable products, let us embrace you so you can embrace your world, embrace your life and embrace them all.

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