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1. Unbox it  2. Mount it  3. Plug and play

It’s that simple

Say no more to expensive CCTV or DVR installation and subscription fee

Studies reveal that 80% of break-in events don’t have security cameras nearby which makes evidence collection very difficult. We understand that pricing and performance of security system play a big role when it comes to homeowners’ decision. Save the hassle and pay less for your home security without compromise with Sequro GuardPro.

Guard Your Premises

Peace of Mind

Unlike most IP or Wifi security cameras, Sequro GuardPro uses secured 2.4GHz proprietary video transmitting technology. This will ensure you and any user you authorize, have the exclusive access to both live and recorded video footages.

Wireless Transmission

Sequro GuardPro solves the commonplace short distance transmission issue that many users experienced with other wireless security camera system manufacturers. We took the matter in hand and made Sequro GuardPro a true connection loss-free wireless security system.

Watch and protect,

in GuardPro way

Security should be accessible even when you are away. That is why Sequro GuardPro offers free smartphone App. Watch it live wherever you go!

Best selling wireless security system in Japan and more than 200,000 units sold worldwide.

See proven result with solid reliability backed by gratifying users.

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